Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Snow morning at Nanaimo Airport

This morning I had a conversation with my daughter in England - went something like this : Air Canada has changed my flight times, I now only have 45 minutes to transfer in Nanaimo on my way back. Nanaimo flights aren't delayed too often are they?

No, of course not I said. And out of curiosity I checked how YCD was coping with this morning's snow. It's 0930 and that's the 0740 to Vancouver sitting on the apron shivering. The 0605 should be boarding soon....

By 0945 a path has appeared from the departure gate to the waiting aircraft (out of sight to the left)

and eager passengers throng to the plane at 0955
It's 1010 and the Vancouver flight makes a dash for the runway (above), only to return to the terminal (below) at 1030. 

 After de-icing and more ploughing (or is that plowing?) it's off again - and it's now 1108.

ok, so there are some slight delays to arrivals into Vancouver - but you'll be fine!
 Oh, and the 0740 finally left Nanaimo at 1245. No problem!

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